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Dry van trucking services you can count on

The spacious and mostly rectangular boxes that you see on highways are dry van trucks. Keeping your goods enclosed and saved from unpredictable weather conditions, dry van trucks are a versatile option for temperature-sensitive freight transportation.

  • Ideal for full-truckload and less-than-truckload (LTL) products that do not need temperature control such as clothes, electronics, bikes, etc.
  • Best for loose cargo like boxes, crates, etc.
  • Not for oversized or overweight products.
  • Durable and easy to maintain

Our fleet of dry van trucks include

  • 53-foot trailers Holds up to 45,000 pounds of freight
  • 28-foot trailers Recommended for hauling LTL shipments. Holds up to 22,500 pounds of freight
  • Straight trucks or box trucks Known as city delivery trucks. Quick delivery for goods in the local market.

Which dry van truck is perfect for your freight transportation? Discuss it with Mike Dargis today!

If you’re looking for transporting goods anywhere in Michigan, Green Transportation Inc is one of the best dry van trucking companies to trust on for the best service.

Give us a call at  866-613-9251 or fill the form to hear back from us.

Providing dry van truck services in and beyond Michigan

Dry van trucking is common. At Green Transportation Inc., we have developed the infrastructure — fleet and truck drivers — to provide tailored transportation solutions to meet your transportation needs.

  • Local or regional transportation: pick up and delivery
  • Interstate delivery
  • Intrastate delivery

We have a 24*7 GPS monitoring system installed on every truck for real-time updates on the location of the goods. Your freight is protected from unpredictable weather, theft, or any accidental damage.

Having one of the best dry van truck companies in the industry by your side takes away all the transportation worries in no time. Standard or expedited shipping, we are just a call away at 866-613-9251 to arrange safe and secure transportation for your goods.

Trained and trusted Road Pilots® for hassle-free dry van truck logistics

We are a Michigan based trucking company that invests in the overall growth and development of its staff - truck driver. They are qualified, trained, and professional in whatever they do.

Smart, efficient, and proactive in handling challenges, our Road Pilots® are rewarded for safety and excellent customer service. We have a consistent track record of on-time deliveries, so put your apprehensions to rest.

With a competent in-house team at the helm, every single logistics is planned before the dry van truck takes off to the destination. This cuts down the risk of last-minute mistakes that may delay the deliveries and upsets the clients.

We can meet your day to day freight requirements like a pro. Partner with one of the best dry van truck companies in Michigan and get your transportation needs sorted once and for all.

Connect with us 866-613-9251 or fill the form to hear back from us.

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